Severe weather service.
We help to avoid damage to the
property as much as possible.

Severe Weather Service
preventing property damage

Severe weather, storms, floods or bush fires are often unexpected and unpredictable. Today, there might not be any signs of disasters and just two days later a property could have suffered substantial damage by severe weather.

We cannot prevent disasters from happening and we are not the fire brigade, a rescue service or an insurance company but if you're not at home at that time, we can take precautions to avoid damage to the property as much as we can.

  • In case of a cyclone or severe storm and hail we can help as much as possible to secure the property prior to the cyclone or storm and secure outdoor furniture and garden items. After a storm we can tidy up the property and carry out emergency repairs if necessary.
  • In case of a looming threat from bushfire we can remove materials that could fuel a fire (e.g. long dry grass, dead leaves, branches), turn off electricity and gas main supplies if it seems necessary and even evacuate pets.
  • In case of a foreseeable flood we can move furniture and valuables out of the way of flood water and help in the clean up afterwards.

Additionally we'll keep you updated and provide information about what is happening if you're not there.

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