Preparing a house for sale.
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Selling a House
preparing your home for sale

Maximize the sales success of your property by target-oriented preparations. Staging the house for sale, a fresh coat of paint, garden maintenance or small repairs can make a big difference. We offer an independent assessment of the condition, improvement ideas and prepare your property for sale – well prepared is half sold.

A house prepared for sale

Example of a house prepared for sale: Neutral colours and selected pieces of furniture make the rooms look inviting, bright, spacious and ready for sale.

How to Sell a House

To successfully sell your house, your property should be well prepared – the first impression counts. A prospective buyer rarely makes the purchase decision right after the first viewing, but first inspects other properties and then compares them with your real estate. So it's important to do some research to see what you're competing against. The priority should be a realistic (not far too expensive) evaluation and a good presentation rather than getting the property listed for sale as soon as possible.

A well presented house and property can also extend the circle of potential buyers. Home buyers don't have to estimate any renovation costs, they can move in directly and mortgages are also easier to get for well presented homes in good condition.
We can help preparing your property for the upcoming sale; garden and deck maintenance, fence repair or painting and handyman services to make the building looks more homelike and inviting for potential buyers.

Home Staging

Home staging is becoming increasingly popular. After all, it promises that the house can be sold quicker for more money. Basically, staging means preparing a house for sale. A more drastic description would be 'the depersonalisation of a home' so that prospective buyers are not distracted by personal items and able to focus on the living space.

Think about it, potential buyers have about 30 minutes to view one house, after that they go and visit three more houses. What will they remember the next day – the great potential of the property? Probably not! More likely the pink walls of a bedroom, a worn carpet or dated furniture, even though that would be easy to fix.

Wouldn't it be better to empty all rooms then? Many people find it hard to imagine how furniture fits into a room and how much space remains afterwards. Staging a house for sale allows prospective buyers to see what is possible. A contemporary and appealing look makes buyers feel comfortable there and helps them to visualise the house as their new home. It is all about making a property as attractive as possible, highlighting positive features while reducing negative ones.

Sometimes it doesn't take more than removing some day-to-day living items or painting a wall in a neutral colour. If you need home staging help or simply an independent opinion so that your home leaves a great first impression with potential buyers – we are here to help.

Colourised real estate floor plan

Example of a colourised floor plan: A real estate floor plan is a powerful marketing tool that enables buyers to check if size and layout of a home meets their requirements.

Real Estate Floor Plans

Most real estate ads lack a building layout (in my opinion). There's nothing like a floor plan to check whether the size and layout of a home meets your requirements. A few days after a viewing prospective buyers may remember whether they liked the property or not – but that's about it. How good would it be then if they had a marketing info sheet with a few pictures and a floor plan in it? Real estate floor plans are particularly effective for non-local buyers. Without actually being there, they can picture the size and layout of the property and shortlist eligible houses – before they even travel there.

If architectural drawings no longer exist or just black and white and a bit confusing, we offer to redraw colourful and easy-to-understand floor plans – inexpensive and quick.

Information Demand of Potential Buyers

Potential buyers try to find out as much as possible about the property and the reason of the sale. Here you should build trust through transparency. Material facts should also be pointed out, even if not asked for, to reduce the risk for a later claim for damages or even the reverse of the transaction.

Selling a House Privately

Most properties in Australia are sold through real estate agencies. One of the reasons is, vendors don't have to worry about real estate ads and they save the time of several viewings and explaining all details of the property over and over again. But real estate agents are not compulsory and a dedicated private sale may even lead to a quicker sale and higher profit.

If you made the decision to sell your home, we can help to renovate, prepare and style the house so it looks inviting and helps potential buyers to see the place as their future home.

If you plan to sell your house privately, we can assist you with an independent assessment of the property. Details about the condition and an evaluation of the selling price can prepare you for buyer questions and strengthen your negotiation position.

Real Estate Services:

  • Drawing floor plans.
  • Property maintenance.
  • Repair and renovation work.
  • Assessment of the property.
  • Evaluation of the selling price.
  • Support with real estate ads.

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