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Caring for pets
in-home pet sitting service

Pets are special and they come first. When you're not at home for a while, it is often impossible to take your animals with you. We offer a pet sitting service to look after different types of animals, so you can enjoy your travel.

Our pet sitting service consists of regular visits (once or twice a day) where we feed and care for the pets. If the animals are not in the house, we probably don't have to access your home. Nevertheless, every time we are there for pet sitting, we'll also keep an eye on the buildings to make sure doors and windows are closed and no visible damage has occurred.

Contact us if you are looking for a responsible and trustworthy pet sitter. We work around the animal/s requirements as per owners' wishes so your fur/feathered/scaled friend feels less alone and stays happy and healthy.

How the pet sitting service works

If you know, you will not be home for a while soon and you need someone reliable to look after your animals, then send us an enquiry as soon as possible. Please tell us where you live, the month and number of days you won't be at home, the types and number of animals involved and what exactly you expect us to do.

Based on your information, we can then give you an approximate price. And if it sounds okay, we can arrange an appointment and meet you to discuss further details.

What you can do before you leave:

  • Make sure there is enough food for the animals.
  • Consider getting a spare set of all required keys.
  • Make a list with special instructions (don't forget to..., do not...).
  • Tell us the best ways to contact you, for the time you're away.
  • Provide us with emergency contact details of your trusted vet.

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