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House Sitting
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House sitting means someone watches your home while you're away. There are many reasons why sometimes you may not be able to look after your pets, home and garden yourself. Perhaps because of travel plans, a sudden event or you're home but just need a hand around the house. One thing's for sure, if you need a reliable house sitter – you can count on us!

Example of a house sitting job

House sitting job: By watering regularly, the plants happily survived a few dry days. Doors and windows were locked securely, no damage was discovered.

Consider whether you need a house sitter to stay at your home or if our "quality house sitting visits" can serve you just as well - to sit a house, we don't need to live there.
Here are four options when house sitting.

Live-In House Sitters

To find a suitable live-in house sitter, you should publish your travel plans well in advance of your trip. Most live-in house sitters will choose the house to sit by their own preferences. That could be for example the tasks they're expected to deal with, the type and number of pets, the location of the property but also conditions like the availability of wireless Internet or the level of luxury. If they're no locals, the timing is often crucial to them. It's usually a lot harder to find a live-in sitter just for a few days because if they have to travel a long way to get there, they may want to have plenty of time to see the area and not just sit the house.

Our House Sitting Service

With our home watch and professional house sitting services, we visit, check and maintain your property and its condition regularly. For example, we can check that doors and windows are locked, bring in your newspaper and mail, feed your pets, change cat litter or take the dog for a walk. In addition, this can be combined with Outside Inspections to check the whole property, clean the yard, water plants and mow the lawn or do any other property maintenance.

In terms of time, we are very flexible. Whether you need us for a single day or for half a year and we are available at short notice. You can trust us to take every job seriously and put in a lot of effort to do quality house sitting.

For house sitting, we focus on three areas:

  1. Animals and plants; animals need to be fed and cared for daily and plants may survive only a few days without water. We feed and care for pets, change cat litter or take the dog for a walk and spend some time there so they feel less alone. Pot plants inside or out, lawns and flower beds get watered as required and other gardening can also be done.
  2. Damage prevention and Security; damage can be prevented by checking important appliances (refrigerators) and power. Or by visual checks for water leaks, moisture or pests and prevention of pest infestation. We also check all windows and doors, especially to ensure that they are undamaged and locked securely.
  3. The lived-in appearance; this is not just to discourage burglars but also to make your property look tidy. We remove newspapers from the drive way, empty the letterbox (forward mail if desired) and clean up leaves or litter from the front yard. For an even more lived-in impression, we can also turn on lights in the evenings.

During the house sitting, we keep you updated and discuss anything unexpected with you before we act. You can always contact us via email or phone and in case of emergency 24/7.

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