Holiday Home Watch Services.
House minding and maintenance,
Wide Bay - Fraser Coast Region.

Holiday Home Watch
house and property minding

While your holiday home or second house is waiting for your next visit, it can be risky leaving it unattended for a long time. Our holiday home watch services focus on properties which are occasionally occupied, often unattended or rented out homes that need to be watched and maintained regularly.

Better security with home watch

Better security with home watch: Warning signs just draw attention to the stated subject and the house below looks vacant because of the tall grass.

Maybe no special valuables, no appliances that need to be running all the time like a fridge and no pets to take care of - the actual value is the building and property itself. But how can you be sure your house will stay in good condition?

It may not be necessary to have somebody living there the whole time or dropping by every day for home watch inspections. However, just one or two visits per week, to make sure your home remains in good condition, can significantly increase the security of the property. Our home watch and house minding services include garden and house maintenance, plants and lawn watering or handyman services.

Are warning signs effective?

In fact, the risk of vandalism or illegal occupation by squatters increases in long vacant buildings. But if you haven't anyone to watch your home during your absence, relying on warning signs to prevent break-ins and burglaries is probably not a good solution either. A warning sign naturally draws the attention to the subject stated on the sign. If it says Neighbourhood Watch, people look for attentive neighbours and if it says Dog or Camera, they try to spot these. Unfortunately, the very people you are trying to scare away, often almost immediately notice if these security measures are really in place. So unless you have actually an attentive neighbourhood, barking dog or security camera in place, rather not rely on the effectiveness of warning signs alone.

Home watch and house minding

We offer home watch and house minding services to take care of house and property while the owners are away. Whether for a few days, months or continuously, we can watch your vacation home or mind a home which is rented out or Airbnb.

Our holiday home watch service is tailored to maintain your property in good condition, keep the lawn down, care for plants, empty the letter box and make it look like someone is actually living there, so it remains a place which you look forward to coming back to.

We currently offer services to people in the Fraser Coast region QLD; e.g. Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Poona, Tiaro, Howard, Toogoom, etc.

Home watch services at larger intervals:

  • Visual inspection of the exterior area of the property.
  • Visual check of locks, doors, windows and gates.
  • Ensuring that all doors and windows are tightly locked.
  • Security check of sheds, garages, gates and pool.
  • Check for signs of forced entry or vandalism.
  • Looking if there are any damages to the property.
  • Check mailbox and removal of newspapers and junk mail.
  • Cleaning of paths and drive way to give a lived-in look.
  • Handyman services; repairs, painting work, etc.
  • Lawn and garden maintenance, moving, weeding.
  • Watering of lawns, plant beds and outdoor pots.

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