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As a homeowner, you know that there is always some work to do with a property. The first job isn't even finished and the next project is already looming. It is often a rewarding feeling to do house maintenance jobs yourself, but sometimes the work can be too much for one person.

Example of grout cleaning and silicone resealing

Example of grout cleaning and silicone resealing: To remove mould and dirt, the tile grout was cleaned and the silicone joints inside the shower enclosure renewed.

We are quite versatile, can do many things around the house and are happy to help with small projects, handyman services and house maintenance.
Here are our garden maintenance services.

Examples of handyman services:

  • Hanging shelves, assemble furniture.
  • Hanging pictures or mirrors.
  • Flat pack assembly.
  • Small plaster jobs.
  • Tile grout cleaning.
  • Bathroom silicone resealing.
  • Painting of walls and ceiling.
  • Painting of doors and windows.


Before walls and ceilings can be painted, any holes, gaps and cracks should be fixed to create a smooth surface. Plaster is easy to work with and a good material for small repairs to walls and ceilings. Even holes in drywalls can easily be repaired by patching and plastering. To achieve a smooth finish, we'll start by repairing cracks and gaps in walls or patching holes in drywalls.

Painting inside and out

If you want to improve the appearance of walls or complete rooms, applying a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. With our interior and exterior painting service, we do not just paint walls but also help choosing the right colour (if you want) and of course we tidy up as we leave.

Bathroom renovation

Maybe your last bathroom renovation was just a few years ago and yet the grout has discoloured and the silicone sealant looks mouldy and unhygienic. In areas with frequent moisture this is not unusual and hard to avoid but instead of a pricey new renovation, a thorough grout cleaning and resealing of the silicone joints can give your bathroom a sparkling fresh look.

Mould loves to grow in damp and dark places. Unfortunately, bathrooms and showers often provide ideal conditions for this. Unlike tile grout, silicone sealant cannot be simply cleaned, it has to be removed and resealed.

Tile grout is a type of cement and often used to fill the gaps between tiles. It can contain very fine sand and the finished surface is a bit rough, that leads to more dirt accumulation and grout is harder to clean than the smooth surface of the tiles. With traditional cleaning methods, like using a mob or sponge, dirt can be removed from the surface but you won't be able to clean the pores of the grout.

We are happy to help and restore the look of your bathroom, kitchen and laundry by intensive tile grout cleaning and resealing of silicone joints.

How to avoid bathroom mould?

Mould doesn't like dry places and bright daylight, so improving ventilation and trying to get more light in the room can help fighting the mould problem. There are silicone manufacturers who claim, their bathroom silicone will stop mould growth but that's possibly true for a few years only. These types of bathroom silicones contain chemicals and fungicides which, in order to work, get consumed by the spores and wear out over time. This means, such products are certainly more resistant against mould, but perhaps just for a few more years.

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