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Garden Maintenance
outdoor property improvement

Property maintenance means improvement and when it comes to a garden, there’s almost always room for improvement. Often it doesn't take much to improve and maintain the garden so that you have a more enjoyable and attractive outdoor area.

Example of garden maintenance jobs

Example of garden maintenance jobs: The bright flowers are emphasised by the dark wood behind. The flower bed below makes a nice transition from deck to garden.

Whether you're at home or away, we can do the outdoor property maintenance (e.g., lawn mowing / watering, hedge trimming, gardening, fence repair) for you.

Property maintenance services:

  • Removal of dead branches & shrubs.
  • Garden maintenance / gardening.
  • Lawn mowing, hedge trimming.
  • Flower bed maintenance.
  • Plants & lawn watering.
  • Fence repair / painting.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Driveway cleaning.

Lawn Mowing

Regular property maintenance, lawn mowing, hedge trimming and garden maintenance makes the property look good and an enjoyable garden can even contribute to your well-being. In addition regular lawn mowing will reduce weed growth and make your turf growth stronger. We offer gardening services like lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming or backyard maintenance as a one-time service or regularly.

Watering Lawns & Plants

During dry seasons lawns and plants need watering if you want them to stay alive. No problem if you're home and able to water the plants in accordance with the rainfall. However, if you're away and there is no rain for several days, then lawns and plants could be visibly damaged or even die, especially potted plants. With our plants and lawn watering service we'll look after them, ensuring the garden stays alive and green no matter how long you're away.

Maintenance of Rental Properties

Maintaining your rental property is an important aspect in keeping its value and making it appealing to prospective tenants. Usually, people prefer if work gets done for them and most tenants are probably happy if they don't have to do lawn mowing and garden maintenance. So having someone in place for the property maintenance can be an enormous advantage. Whether you need someone to maintain the property regularly, or wish a one-time lawn mowing, hedge trimming or garden clean-up before new tenants move in, we are happy to help.

Garden Features

Garden features can be anything that is supposed to make the outside space more attractive and enjoyable. For example water features, statues, privacy screens, flower beds, wood decks and even fences. To preserve the good look they all need regular maintenance and cleaning. Our high pressure cleaning service allows us to remove tough and stuck dirt and restore the look of garden features or concrete driveways. If cleaning is not enough, we can also repair fences and apply a fresh coat of paint, repair or rebuild garden bed retaining walls, screens and decks or improve the look of the property by building new garden features.

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