Maintenance of Timber Decking
Restoration - Repair - Cleaning
Maryborough and Hervey Bay region.

Deck Maintenance
restoration - repair - cleaning

New timber decking, screens and fences may look good for a few years but eventually, time also leaves its mark here. Cracks can occur and surfaces fade or turn grey. Restoring existing timber decks is a far less costly solution to replacing the timber structures. We offer wood maintenance (restoring – repairing – cleaning – recoating) for timber decking and other outdoor timber structures.

Example of a timber deck maintenance job

Example of a timber deck maintenance job: The look of the hardwood deck was improved by thoroughly cleaning and applying two coats of wood stain.

Rain, hail and heat can strain the wood. The ability to absorb and release water is a natural feature of wood. However, if this happens too quickly due to an alternation of rain and heat, cracks can occur. Faded or grey surfaces are mainly caused by sunlight (UV-light). Exposed to ultraviolet radiation over a long period, a tiny layer of the surface of the wood gets damaged. In particular the cellulose gets decomposed and the colour changes to a silvery-white to dark grey. Again, this happens just to a tenth of a millimetre of the surface, beneath it the wood is in perfect condition. Regular and proper wood care can preserve the beautiful look and significantly extend the service life.

Deck Maintenance

Timber Decking is a way to improve the look of houses, gardens and to optimise outdoor living areas across Australia. After some time however, outdoor timber decks start getting dirty, fade, turn grey and coatings can crack or start to peel off. Due to ongoing research, special equipment and proven methods, we can remove dirt and restore faded or peeling coatings. In case of a broken board or damaged area, we are probably able to repair it instead of a costly replacement of the whole structure.

For a long-lasting preservation, we use penetrating finishes. Depending on the condition, we usually apply one to two coats of decking oil or stain on the cleaned decking boards. After a few hours, when the paint has dried, the deck can be used again.

We recommend regular maintenance and re-coats after about 12 months guaranteeing that your investment is protected and appreciated each year.

Composite Decking

Composite decking or wood plastic composite (WPC) is a mixture of wood fibres and plastic. Wood-plastic composite products do not need oiling or staining but a build-up of dirt and even moss will happen just like on other surfaces. We can clean your composite deck and revive its original look.

Maintenance and restoration services:

  • Timber decks, screens, fences.
  • Outdoor bench seats, pergolas.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and repair.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Paver and concrete cleaning.
  • Driveway and footpath cleaning.

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