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Cat and Dog Sitting
so they feel less alone

As nice and uplifting the company of cats and dogs at home can be, as hard it can be to leave the sweet animals alone at home. And a pet hotel or boarding kennels may not be your first choice either. A cat and dog sitter could be the solution - with our cat and dog sitting service, we can be there when you cannot.

Dog and dog sitter play together

Cat and Dog Sitting (dog and dog sitter play together): Your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home while we come over and care for them.

Our cat and dog sitting service is an alternative to catteries and kennels. Your furry friends can stay at home while we regularly visit, feed, walk and play with them.

Cat Sitting

Cats love their territory, where they know every nook and cranny but often become stressed if they're taken to unfamiliar places. So not only that it's usually easier for the cat's owner if they can leave their furry friend at home while they travel, the cat probably prefers that too. Whether you are away for a day or a couple of weeks, we can drop in once or twice a day to make sure they're well, feed them and clean litter boxes if needed.

Dog Sitting

Unlike cats, dogs often have closer ties to their owners and feel more part of the family. They would probably prefer to be with their owner all day. That makes it even harder to leave them at home alone but sometimes there's just no alternative. Some trips such as flights can even cause enormous stress to animals, then it's actually better for them to stay in their familiar surroundings. We can visit your dog once or twice a day, provide food and water, spend some play time there and take them for a walk so they feel less alone.

Please contact us if you need a trustworthy cat and dog sitter. Our in-home cat and dog sitting service keeps your pets looked after and less lonely, so you can travel with a better conscience. In addition to our cat and dog sitting service, we'll always keep a close eye on your property to make sure it's locked, secure and undamaged.

What you can do before you leave:

  • Make sure there is enough food for the dog or the cat.
  • Consider getting a spare set of all required keys.
  • Make a list with special instructions (don't forget to..., do not...).
  • Tell us the best ways to contact you, for the time you're away.
  • Provide us with emergency contact details of your trusted vet.

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