House and Property Services.
Home watch, house and pet sitting,
maintenance & real estate services.

House & Property Services
adapted to your requirements

Property services to improve and optimise the market value of your real estate, to keep the property well-maintained and appealing or to care for your pets if you cannot.

Affordable packages customised to your needs – one point of contact – reliable, trustworthy and high-quality work.

  • House and pet sitting (home watch), for the time you're not at home.
  • Real estate services, if you are planning to sell or buy a house.
  • Property maintenance & handyman services, inside and around the house.

Outside inspections

Security inspections outside the house. We check for damage due to vandalism or forced entry, clean up leaves or litter and keep you updated.

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House sitting

Regular visits and home checks to ensure doors and windows are locked securely and undamaged, we can water the garden or care for pets.

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Holiday home watch

If you have an often unattended house or holiday home, we'll look after it, keep it clean, tidy and in good condition until the day you are back.

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Boat watch

Nice to have a boat but sometimes it's hard to check regularly. We can carry out regular visual checks for damage and make sure it's secured.

Severe weather service

Unpredictable summer time storms, hail, heavy rainfall, floods or fires may cause worries if you are not at home. We are prepared for the unexpected.

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Caring for pets

You have fish, chickens, birds, horses... but no one to take care of them when you're away, think about our customizable in-home pet sitting services.

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Cat and dog sitting

For cats and dogs, it may be better to stay in familiar surroundings. We are happy to visit and feed them regularly and walk the dog so they feel less alone.

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Buying a house

Whether investment property or your future home, an independent opinion and assessment of the condition will help you make decisions with confidence.

Selling a house

Preparing your home for sale, a fresh coat of paint, garden maintenance or small repairs make a big difference and help selling the real estate more successfully.

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Garden maintenance

Whether you're at home or away, we can do the outdoor property maintenance (e.g., lawn mowing / watering, hedge trimming, gardening, fence repair) for you.

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Deck cleaning and maintenance

Outdoor timber structures fade over time or turn grey. We offer deck cleaning and maintenance for a fresh look and an increased service life.

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Handyman services

House maintenance including but not limited to tile grout cleaning and resealing of silicone joints in bathrooms, repairs, painting or assembling furniture.

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