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House and Property Care

With a vision of being the trusted business that consistently delivers good customer experience and high quality work, we intend to be a benefit to our local community and our region. We believe that a high level of quality can only be achieved and maintained through constant improvement.


One place for all the recurring tasks around the house.


We want to get better and won't stop practicing and improving.


Trustworthy and honest in what we do but not pushy.

Customer service

We strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

For home owners it is often hard to be away for an extended period of time without worrying about their home. An emergency situation is not the only concern. Who is there to water the garden and plants inside the house? Who empties the letterbox and leaves the impression someone is at home? And who can be there if something unexpected happens? Well, we can.

But we can do much more; look after your pets, your home, the house where you don't live, a boat that may often be unattended. If you are planning to buy a house - happens often just once in a lifetime - we can assist you with an independent opinion and an assessment. Assumed there are ten interesting houses, engaging a building inspector each time would be expensive and that just for visual inspections. In case you are selling, we can help you make the property look neat and tidy. We can take marketing photographs, draw real estate floor plans and keep your property in good condition till it's sold.

HAP Care

"Thanks for visiting my website, I am Herman, owner and manager of House & Property Care. Born in Germany, I moved to Australia because I love the wide land, the friendly people and the sunshine. Real estate and land ownership has been an important part of my life as far as I can remember. I had the first house at ten because of my parents. Fifteen years later, the house was paid off, fully renovated and generating profit. My professional career progressed accordingly. I have worked as a carpenter, as an engineer and have a qualification as a specialist for damages to buildings and real estate valuation.

Some time ago, my brother wanted to go on vacation but didn't have anyone to look after his chickens, so I offered him to take care of them. That was the time when I realized, there must be thousands of people with similar problems. And so the idea came to find ways to help home owners manage the obligations that come with the ownership of a property and at the same time try to counteract the enormous costs of real estate management in Australia."